"The Greenville Poets group is the model of what a critiquing group should do and how to do it well. The members are friends who work with intensity and plenty of laughter over good food and even better poetry."

- Kathleen Burgess, NFSPS

"The Greenville Poets have shared the docket for at least six years of our city library's Author's Nights. They have consistently drawn the largest audiences and have drawn the most requests for return performances. Their professionalism, talent, and wide range of topics create a thought-provoking, lively, and memorable program each time they read."

- The Greenville Public Library

"Thank you so much for the generous amounts of time you gave to our workshop, for the delightful program you gave, and the preparation time and energy it takes to be so excellent at what you do."

- Sandra Love, Antioch Writers' Workshop 2005