By Erika Tweed
Stuffed Cranium Stalinensis
Anno Domini 2350

  1. Preheat Gamma-Ray baking basket

  2. With Beta-Ray bone detector
    retrieve cranium of Bolshevic poet

  3. Sterilize the Omega rays

  4. Decorate outside of cranium with
  5. your favorite aphorisms on life

  6. Line inside of cranium with
    Ginko Biloba dipped
    in nectar from Venus Flytrap

  7. Handmix for filling:
    • 25 dkg ergot-coated eggs of
      bluebottle blowfly
    • 5 dkg chopped aromatic henbane
    • 3 dkg ground scales of Gila monster
    • ĀS l of elephant semen whipped to a froth

  8. Fill cranium with mixture

  9. Top with berries of belladonna
    and sliced amanita mushrooms

  10. Bake in Gamma-Ray basket for 1 ĀS seconds

  11. Garnish with circinate Venus-hair
    dyed with color of the day.